London’s Chelsea FC Soccer Club Launches ‘Say No to Antisemitism’ Website

Posted on 18 February 2021

London’s Chelsea FC Soccer Club Launches ‘Say No to Antisemitism’ Website

by Shiryn Ghermezian

FEBRUARY 18, 2021 

Famed British soccer team Chelsea FC announced on Monday the launch of its “Say No to Antisemitism” website that will feature all the club’s updates, events and resources related to its antisemitism campaign.

The new website is part of Chelsea FC’s “Say No to Antisemitism” campaign, which launched in 2018 to raise awareness and educate players, staff, fans and the wider community about the issue. The initiative, funded by club owner and Jewish Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, is an extension of the club’s on-going work through the Chelsea Foundation’s Building Bridges campaign.

The site will provide information about Chelsea FC’s antisemitism programs and community events, and will also highlight recent related activity — such as the club’s pre-match light display and tribute for Holocaust Memorial Day, and their collaboration with British-Israeli street artist Solomon Souza for an art exhibition about Jewish athletes who died in the Holocaust.

“There can be no place in our game, nor our society, for antisemitism or any form of discrimination — and we remain determined to continue to raise awareness and provide the resources needed to inspire others around us to join this vital cause,” Chelsea FC said in its announcement of the new website.

Chelsea FC Chairman Bruce Buck said: “Since we started our ‘Say No To Antisemitism’ campaign, we have become convinced that education is absolute key to changing attitudes and make a difference. In the next stage of our campaign, we have developed this new website to make the educational resources of our campaign easily accessible for all, and hopefully encourage more people to join this important cause.”

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