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Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism [CMAA]

 The Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism [CMAA] is a not-for-profit organization comprised of Muslim thinkers, professionals and activists committed to fighting antisemitism in all its guises.

We recognize antisemitism for what it is

  • The CMAA recognizes antisemitism as a uniquely pervasive, enduring, and lethal form of hatredwhich has insinuated itself into multiple cultural, religious, and political frameworks across the globe. According to polls, antisemitic ideas and sentiments are currently embraced to varying degrees by approximately one quarter of the global population. 
  • The CMAA recognizes the particular threat posed by the meteoric rise of global antisemitism in the 21st century. Often genocidal or eliminationist in intent or expression, it represents an unprecedented amalgam of the more familiar strains of antisemitism promoted in extremist right-wing, left-wing and Islamist ideologies. Considered by experts to be far more toxic than the sum of its parts, the spread of contemporary antisemitism has been accelerated by globalization and the advent of 21st century technologies. 

“Antisemitism is the most dangerous form of racism on the planet.”

“It is no surprise to me that hating Jews is something that those on the far left advocate, those on the far right advocate, and the Islamist theocrats advocate. It’s the one form of racism that can bring the triple threat to liberal democratic values together.”

Majid Nawaz Founder of the Quilliam Foundation

We will fight antisemitism wherever it appears

  • We are committed to working with like-minded groups to challenge antisemitism wherever it may appear. We will pursue educational, legislative, and policy initiatives to achieve our objectives. 
  • As Muslims from across the Muslim and political spectrum, we will constitute, mobilize and catalyze a distinctly Muslim voice to counter the antisemitism that has become deeply entrenched and remains woefully underchallenged within the broader Muslim world. 
  • We will support the recent efforts of those Muslim organizations, Muslim-majority countries and the growing chorus of Muslim leaders, writers, and theologians who have undertaken initiatives to confront the antisemitism which has been allowed to fester within our communities.
  • We as Muslims, will confront the influence and systemic promotion of antisemitism by Islamist extremists of all sorts, for whom the demonization and hatred of Jews is a central pillar of belief. As a key engine of modern global antisemitism, Islamist Jew-hatred constitutes a profound threat not only to the Jewish community, but to democracies, the Muslim world, and to global stability.

“If Islamist antisemitism is wholly confronted by modern anti-Islamist Islamic reformers, I believe it can be marginalized and ultimately defeated ending a force which can ultimately have sway upon a quarter of the world’s population.”