We are Calling Out Antisemitic Iran

Posted on 25 January 2024

We are Calling Out Antisemitic Iran

The tentacles of Islamist regime in Iran stretch far and wide in the Middle East, through a complex network of proxy militia forces that operate and control large swaths of territory. Hamas, with all its deadly weaponry and tunnel complexes in Gaza, is a permanently bleeding sore lodged inside Israel’s body politic that keeps the Mideast in jitters. And it is funded by Iran.

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“Globalized antisemitism is a thriving international enterprise that transverses cultures and civilizations. You can help us fight the this most enduring, pervasive, and lethal mode of hatred.”

Raheel Raza



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“antisemitism is unique in the annals of prejudices”

“No other widespread prejudice has characterized people as such cosmological threats…. No other prejudicial discourse has been so eliminationist or produced such regular calls for violence and extermination.”

Prof. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

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