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Justice for Sarah Halimi is only possible if her antisemitic killer is held accountable!

The Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism (CMAA) stands in solidarity with Jewish communities across the globe in demanding justice for the brutal antisemitic murder of Dr. Sarah Halimi.  

In April 2017, Dr. Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman was beaten and savagely tortured for about an hour before her assailant, Kobili Traore, threw her out of the window of her Paris apartment. The highest court in France recently ruled that Traore, who recited Koranic verses throughout the assault, cannot stand trial because he was in a state of acute mental delirium due to the consumption of drugs. 

Jewish leaders in France have called for a massive public protest rally in Paris on Sunday, April 25th, at 2:00 PM local time, at the Parvis des Droits de l’Homme, Place du Trocadéro.

While we can’t attend the Paris rally in person, The Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism along with our Board and steering committee will stand together to support the rally virtually.

Join us and like-minded people of conscience from around the world and demonstrate your solidarity with the Halimi family and the French Jewish community by saving the accompanying image of Sarah Halimi and posting it on social media ahead of the rally.

Help make this campaign go viral by sharing the image and social media hashtags #JusticeForSarah and #JeSuisSarah.

All of our participation is essential to this vital collective effort.

#JusticeForSarah and #JeSuisSarah.