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Posted on 30 September 2020

During the twelve-month period, from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020, there were 331 antisemitic incidents logged by volunteer Community Security Groups (CSGs), official Jewish state roof bodies, and the ECAJ. The total figure consists of 188 attacks and 143 threats.

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NGOs and Antisemitism

Posted on 17 August 2020

A primary area where government commitment to combatting antisemitism has been lacking occurs in the context of NGO funding. As documented by NGO Monitor, these governments, as well as the European Union, have given hundreds of millions of dollars over the past twenty years to organizations that engage in and promote blatant antisemitism as defined by IHRA.

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With overwhelming support, the German parliament, or Bundestag, passed a resolution last year declaring, “[T]he arguments and methods of the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions] Movement are anti-Semitic.” The resolution explained that the tactics of the BDS campaign “inevitably arouse associations with the Nazi slogan ‘Kauft nicht bei Juden!’” (emphasis added)1 – “Don’t buy...

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Moshe Kantor Database for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, European Jewish Congress, Tel Aviv University Although this report should deal with antisemitism in 2019 we cannot and should not disregard the implications of the coronavirus. It inspired antisemitic expressions that will be addressed here, while taken in proportion with regard to its larger effects.

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Despite the extensive attention already paid to intolerant textbooks and other educational materials in many Middle Eastern countries, comparatively little analysis has been conducted on the ideological materials used to indoctrinate children in schools linked to the notorious terrorist organization Hezbollah. This report seeks to address that important gap, documenting the systematic and...

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On Saturday, July 4, Mississauga’s Celebration Square witnessed a protest by Palestinian Canadians against the planned annexation of the West Bank into Israel proper. The organizer of this event wrote: “As Canadians, we need to condemn this illegal annexation and condemn Trudeau’s support of Israel, as well as show our support for Palestine and demand justice for it’s (sic) people.

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“Globalized antisemitism is a thriving international enterprise that transverses cultures and civilizations. You can help us fight the this most enduring, pervasive, and lethal mode of hatred.”

Raheel Raza



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“antisemitism is unique in the annals of prejudices”

“No other widespread prejudice has characterized people as such cosmological threats…. No other prejudicial discourse has been so eliminationist or produced such regular calls for violence and extermination.”

Prof. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

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